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February 07, 2012

sheer ignorance

Originally published October 11, 2003

Just go read the comments on this post about that terrible Booger-Man, "acid rain." Bejus! The most self-righteous people in the world are the blithering idiots among us.

I live a place with a lot of "black water" creeks running through the woods. Whadda you think makes that water black? It's TANNIC ACID formed by all the leaves that fall from trees and decay in the slow-moving creek. That "polluted" water has a low pH but still makes for some fine bass and bream fishing. Power plants didn't put acid in the water. Mother nature did.

Why do you suppose the Smokey Mountains were called "smokey" long before power plants were built in this country? Why are the Blue Ridge Mountains named for the haze that hangs over them most of the time?


What really chaps my ass now is the fact that the same people who claim to be "protecting" the environment make it too expensive and too time-consuming to build clean power plants today. The idea of nuke plants sends environmentalists into apoplexy and they oppose construction of new gas or coal-fired plants with clean-burn technology; therefore, the old, dirty ones keep operating.

Want to bitch about acid rain? Look in the mirror you environmentalist assholes.

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