Gut Rumbles

May 08, 2008


Originally PUBLISHED August 5, 2005

When I was taking a class in Romantic Poetry in college, the professor (a woman) asked the question: "If you read carefully, you'll find a lot of allegorical connotations in these poems. Erotic fruit is one of them. Can someone name an erotic fruit?"

I blurted out, "A BIG banana!"

That was not the correct answer, but I thought it was funny as hell. I was never known for keeping my mouth shut.

So... I'm taking a poll.

What do YOU think is an erotic fruit? (and any reply containing the name of Michael Jackson WILL be deleted.)

(UPDATE: What made me think of this topic is the fact that I BOUGHT some "erotic fruit" at the grocery store today. I am enjoying eating it. It might be nice to have someone to share it with, but right now, it's MINE!!! ALL MINE!!!)

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