Gut Rumbles

April 09, 2008

Food for thought

Originally published May 18, 2003

If you are banned by a lying, duplicituous non-entity, is that really a ban? How can a delusional hockwad who doesn't exist "ban" me?

whatever you want to believe, go ahead and believe. i do not care because i know the truth and you don't. and the only piece of shit i see is the mail i just got on my screen. and if by the wrong people, you mean the joan, joni and kate trio or even i supposed to really care? now, to block you so i do not have to read your shit on my screen anymore.

Tony, you wasted a lot of unnecessary effort there. You didn't need to ban me. If you thought I ever intended to vist YOU or the imaginary Zander ever again, you were hallucinating.

Wait... that's what you do ALL THE TIME, isn't it?

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