Gut Rumbles

May 18, 2003

food for thought

If you are banned by a lying, duplicituous non-entity, is that really a ban? How can a delusional hockwad who doesn't exist "ban" me?

whatever you want to believe, go ahead and believe. i do not care because i know the truth and you don't. and the only piece of shit i see is the mail i just got on my screen. and if by the wrong people, you mean the joan, joni and kate trio or even i supposed to really care? now, to block you so i do not have to read your shit on my screen anymore.

Tony, you wasted a lot of unnecessary effort there. You didn't need to ban me. If you thought I ever intended to vist YOU or the imaginary Zander ever again, you were hallucinating.

Wait... that's what you do ALL THE TIME, isn't it?


Rob, the heavens must be in alignment or something -- or maybe Armageddon is indeed near -- because for once, I happen to be in complete and total agreement with you.

What had me laughing my (fat) ass off was that now I am apparently part of an evil trinity. Geesh. If the dickweed had bothered to read any of my comments, he'd see that I was sitting on the fence (which is where I usually am anyway) on a lot of the wild speculation that was flying about.

Gues someone needs to send that guy a quarter. So he can call someone who cares. If such a person even exists. (Talk about your phantom!)

Posted by: Joni on May 18, 2003 12:38 PM

Wish he had taken another paragraph to tell WHY. The motivation of such a cruel scam is what puzzles me. For profit? Several months of time invested to sell a few items in the store? I can't believe that. An ego trip? Could it be a big power boost for some types of psychos to successfully deceive so many people? I can't figure it. Anyone know a psychiatrist blogger?

Posted by: Indigo on May 18, 2003 07:03 PM

I have to laugh at your people's gullibility-not at Zander, but at Joanies.

did it ever occur to you to think that Joanie might be full of shit with her purported 'investigation'? I mean, she doesn't know Zander's first name, nor his last. So she couldn't find out any info about him? I mean-Acidman-how pissed off would you be if people could go cruising the net and find info about Quinton's medical files? And we know his first name. (Zander is sort of rude Dutch for "Little Fart" if you were wondering).

Now let's examine what evidence the harridans have uncovered. The 'Toilet Paper Academy" isn't the real name of his school. Well, duh! He's a bi/gay kid at a Catholic school-which while some might be ok with it, the higher authorities wouldn't be. And did anyone think anyone would call their school "Toilet Paper Academy"?

Secondly-KC is a city of more than 2 million people. Were they astonished that there might be perhaps TWO women named Susan Nelson there? Evidently it's amusing to hear from the other Susan Nelson and her response about phone calls from these idiots demanding information about her cancer ridden son. Guess what-she doesn't have one! And lucky her.

And what was the other evidence? Oh I forgot-he fights his doctors and nurses in their belief that cancer patients should just give up and act as if they're dead and never go out to see a movie, or eat in a nice bistro, or go on a short vacation trip (with a hige bag of meds and a rigorous schedule, and phone calls in every day, and no good hospital further than an hour away). Maybe the 'nurse' (also known as the bedpan attendant) was annoyed that people don't listen to her shrill advice?

Not that she gave much-despite her grand claims that she has been calling Zander on this for some time, she has evidently exchanged about three or four e-mails with the lad over the last four months, and chatted on IM for a total of, like, ten minutes.

You've been had, guy, by a few harpys who are somehow determined to destroy a person they've never met. Stop to think-if they were all so convinced that they had the goods on him, why did they wait until he was on vacation and unable to defend himself to reveal their startling discoveries? Since they claim to have known for several months?

Try to think for yourself dude-and take a somewhat critical attitude to what you're told. You usually do-but you screwed up bigtime this time. Not too late for an old dog like you to learn a new idea. Sometimes bitches tell flat out lies. This should not surprise you guy.

Posted by: Geoff on May 18, 2003 07:28 PM

Sorry, Geoff but you clearly didn't pay attention to a damn thing. (1) Zander claimed to attend an all-boys school in St. Louis with a boarding/day school program. He described the clothes to a tee. A search of the Missouri school accrediation programs indicates there are only two such schools in the STL area. NEITHER has the uniforms he describes. (2) He also described high school seniors living in houses ringing the campus, complete with maids and cooks, although they allegedly had to pay for them. There are NO such schools like that ANYWHERE in Missouri. Certainly not Chaminade or the Missouri Military Academy, as a check of their web sites will demonstrate. (3) Allen Nelson is a verified person. This is the man that Zander claimed was his guardian. In Missouri, guardianships go through probate court. I was a probate lawyer. I checked the records. Mr. Nelson is not anyone's guardian. Period. (4) Susan Nelson does not live in Kansas City. She is in Kirksville, Missouri. That's a town of 25,000 so it's not hard to find her. Yes, she is the Susan Nelson. That was easy enough to verify. She and Allen got divorced in 1997, and a check of the family court public records indicates her mailing address. (5) Shut your mouth and try reading Joanie's post again, but this time use your pea-sized brain. Do you see anywhere in that post which indicates that Joni or I "suspected for months"? No. You know why? Because we never claimed that. Which, by the way, is proof that you in fact have an inability to read without trying to think, and that you are pitiful in both respects.

Posted by: Venomous Kate on May 19, 2003 04:54 AM

Dang, I stay away for a few weeks and blogscandals erupt like a butt cheek full o zits. BOY do I have some catching up to do!

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