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April 09, 2008

Department of "give me a break"

Originally published August 7, 2003

If you took a job working for Larry Flynt, the most famous smut-peddler in the world, what would you expect to find in the dishwasher? Dishes? I doubt it.

I might find FUCKING DISHES, a midget couple locked in a sudsy love-embrace or anything that Bullwinkle pulled out of his magician's hat when he was reaching for a rabbit. No matter what it was, I would not be shocked or surprised. After all, I am working for Larry Flynt.

But a delicate flower among the weeds of Larry Flynt's empire is suing now.

Elizabeth Rene Raymond, a former executive assistant to two top officers of Flynt's company, Larry Flynt Publications Inc., sued for sexual harassment and wrongful dismissal from her job Monday, the same day as Flynt announced he was running in California's October gubernatorial recall election under the slogan "a smut peddler who cares".

Raymond, who was fired from her job a year ago, claims that Flynt fostered a hostile work environment. She said in the lawsuit she had found sex toys in the company dishwasher that were "used on the prostitutes who visited his office."

Excuse me if I have no sympathy for the whining bitch. At least the sex toys were in the dishwasher, nicely cleaned and sterlized. Nobody was chasing her around the office while waving an 18" two-pronger at her.

I have a simple philosophy: If you go to work for a pornographer, you need to be able to handle the sight of a dildo, plus a whole lot more.

She's sounds like an idiot who takes a bartender's job in a strip club and then complains because nekkid wimmen have men stuffing dollar bills into their g-strings in there. THAT'S A HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT! MAKE IT STOP!!!!

Raymond was dismissed shortly after complaining to her supervisors.

No shit! The US Government couldn't shut Larry Flynt down, but this "offended" woman thought she could? No wonder she was fired.

What in the hell was the dingbat thinking?

Never mind. She was an offended woman. They don't think.

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