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March 18, 2008

Polar opposites

Originally published July 23, 2003

I posted my Ten Greatest American Wimmen below, but I want to finish this thread with the The Greatest, No-Good Bitches in American History.

1) Jane Fonda. That woman should be in jail for treason for what she did during the Vietnam War.

2) Rachael Carson. The Godmother of today's rabid environmentalist movement. She has the blood of MILLIONS on her hands for banning DDT. The woman ranks right up there with Hitler as a mass-murderer and her minions continue her work today.

3) Patsy Schroeder. She was an idiot, and seemed to believe that the only way she could be taken seriously was to develop a facial expression where she appeared to be perpetually constipated and trying to take a shit all the time while sucking on a particulary sour lemon. Thank Bejus that raving moonbat is out of politics now.

4) Hillary Clinton. Living a history of making excuses for having her husband fuck around on her like a wild mink has given her a senate seat. Prostitution is illegal in every state but Nevada, but New York elects those who practice the trade to high office.

5) Maxine Waters. That scowling gargoyle symbolizes everything that is wrong in Black America and she makes a career out of exploiting it. She is pathetic and people who vote for are, too. But she LIKES it that way.

Okay. I am finished ranting about wimmen now.

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