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March 18, 2008

10 greatest american women

Originally published July 23, 2003

I kept my list to ten because, quite frankly, I find it difficult to make a list of 20 Great American Wimmen. I don't mean that in a chauvanistic way, either. Wimmen just haven't been allowed to participate in the moving and shaking of the nation as long as men have. I believe my picks illustrate that fact clearly.

Here are mine, in no order of importance. They are in order of how they popped into my head.

1) Condolizza Rice. That woman has brains, determination, beauty and strength. Whatta woman!

2) Annie Oakley. The original American Tomboy. Good with a gun and fit for a Wild West show. Ya gotta LOVE that!

3) Lucille Ball. An American Icon. "Lucy" entertained generations. I'll never forget her in the pie factory.

4) Clara Barton. She was an angel on the battlefield and founded the American Red Cross. 'Nough said.

5) Sandra Day O'Connor. The first female Supreme Court Justice. I don't believe that she's always been a great judge, but she beats the shit out of Ruth Bader-Ginsberg.

6) Sally Ride. The first female astronaut. Plus, you just have to love that name. Ride, Sally, ride!

7) Billie Jean King. A true, fire-breathing champion. She sat Bobby Riggs right on his big-mouthed ass. I LIKE strong wimmen.

8) Amelia Earhart. Wimmen weren't supposed to do what she did. She did it anyway. The fact that she crashed and died on an attempt to circumnavigate the globe does not change my mind about her. That woman had BALLS.

9) Babe Diedricksen. The best female athlete who ever lived, period. That is one amazing woman.

10) (This is a tie) Rosa Parks, because I've always admired people who refused to take shit and Katherine Hepburn, because she didn't take any shit, either. I like UNCONVENTIONAL wimmen, too.

Okay, there they are. My picks.

Now I need to go check my email and comments to see how many people agreed with me.

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