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March 17, 2008

The school bus

Originally published April 23, 2003

I rode a school bus for most of my sordid public-school academic career. It was always a big, yellow road-barge with "Blue Bird" stamped on the back of every seat. I got kicked off twice for fighting and got my first handfull of teenaged female titty on the back seat one glorious day. Our driver was known to take down a stop sign every now and then when she turned a sharp corner.

I usually leave for work at 5:30 in the morning, and when I'm on vacation I usually go somewhere, so I've never watched the school bus make its rounds here before. But I have for the past three days.

The kids gather in the street. The boys act crazy, running around with too much energy in their legs, while the girls stand together and act demure. The bus comes rumbling down the road and everybody lines up and climbs on board. Then, the bus goes rumbling off to the school with lots of little heads looking out the windows.

Bejus, but it makes me feel old to watch that scene.

I wish that I COULD DO THAT AGAIN. I want to be the boy with too much energy in his legs. I want to ride the Blue Bird on my way to school with my homework finished in my book bag. I want to try to cop my first feel on the back seat again. I want...

Shit. I just want to be young.

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