Gut Rumbles

March 06, 2008

Update before I go to bed

Origianlly published July 15, 2003

I came home today and immediately got nekkid except for my shirt, Man, that felt good. With all the pain that my GOOD FRIEND Roscoe had caused me today, I examined him carefully and noticed that he was bent severely to the right and didn't want to straighten out.

I thought he was ruined, but at least he was pointing the correct direction. I applied another ice pack and left him alone. I blogged nekkid for three hours.

Guess what? Now he's hanging just like he's supposed to except for a semi-boner that won't go away.

I gotta figure how to let my nuts dangle tomorrow while keeping Roscoe straight and sheltered.

Got any advice? And I don't want to hear about silk, because I don't have any. I'll figure out what to do in the morning.

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