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February 07, 2008

Get a goddamned job

Originally published December 20, 2003

I learned three talents in my life that guarantee me a job anywhere I travel in this country. I won't make a lot of money performing those tasks, and my paycheck might not meet "living wage" standards of some Democrat assholes, but I can find a job if I want one. I won't starve to death.

I am a good short-order cook. I worked my way through college flipping hamburgers. I can tend bar. I did that job when I didn't have a musical gig lined up for a month or so. I can operate a cash register and make it balance at the end of my shift. I never stole from an employer.

Tell me that I can't find a fucking job SOMEWHERE if I want one.

What you will NOT see me doing, even if I was stone-assed broke and sleeping in a cardboard box, is standing by the side of the road and holding up a WILL WORK FOR FOOD sign. BULLSHIT!

If that sign melts your heart, you need a transplant.

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