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February 07, 2008

Simple bliss

Originally published December 21, 2003

The temperature dropped into the lower 20s last night, which is very cold for southeast Georgia. I went outside after dark and set up a sprinkler to spray water on my roof so that it would drip down on a couple of bushes I have planted in front of the living room windows.

I had icicles hanging from the eaves, ice all over the bushes and a goddam NHL hockey-rink on my sidewalk this morning. I almost busted my ass when I went outside to turn the sprinkler off. I came close to slip-sliding away.

Quinton and Jack are outside playing in the ice as I write, and all the other neighborhood kids are coming over to see the winter glory. When you live in a sub-tropical climate where sweat is more common than ice, you become really entertained by icicles and frozen bushes. I just hope that nobody falls down on the sidewalk, breaks a bone, and has parents who want to sue the shit out of me.

What the hell. That's a risk worth taking when I see the fun the kids are having out there.

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