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December 21, 2003

simple bliss

The temperature dropped into the lower 20s last night, which is very cold for southeast Georgia. I went outside after dark and set up a sprinkler to spray water on my roof so that it would drip down on a couple of bushes I have planted in front of the living room windows.

I had icicles hanging from the eaves, ice all over the bushes and a goddam NHL hockey-rink on my sidewalk this morning. I almost busted my ass when I went outside to turn the sprinkler off. I came close to slip-sliding away.

Quinton and Jack are outside playing in the ice as I write, and all the other neighborhood kids are coming over to see the winter glory. When you live in a sub-tropical climate where sweat is more common than ice, you become really entertained by icicles and frozen bushes. I just hope that nobody falls down on the sidewalk, breaks a bone, and has parents who want to sue the shit out of me.

What the hell. That's a risk worth taking when I see the fun the kids are having out there.


I remember the fun of breaking off icicles and licking them like popsicles when I was young in K.C.

Thank goodness children are young enough that they would rather be up and sliding than crying because the bruised their a**. Glad you didn't break you back.

Posted by: Ms Anna on December 21, 2003 10:00 AM

Same here in Florabama. I'm from Maine, but after eight years of lving here my blood has thinned.

Posted by: "Ralphy" on December 21, 2003 10:12 AM

Same here in Northeast Florida. This freeze is probably the closest we'll get to any snow. Everybody turns on their sprinklers for the icicles; I was out checking the water flow at 3 a.m. to make sure that I had the water running sufficiently to prevent freezing (the sheep ate the newly-placed insulation off the PVC pipes out at the sheep barn).

I should know better than to insulate my pipes more than a couple hours in advance. It happens every year. One year I had the pipes all insulated and came out to busted pipes all over the barns when the freeze wasn't that bad. The Doberman had collected all the pipe insulation and had it arranged artfully on the back porch. Sigh. Just because I do the job properly doesn't mean it stays done.

Posted by: SwampWoman on December 21, 2003 11:28 AM

SwampWoman, would duct tape all around the insulation help keep it in place?

I've seen a lot of unusual uses of duck tape, but this one would be at least useful and may be good enough to last a couple of years, just leaving it on year-round.

I have a very practical landscape philosophy for here in mid-Florida. If a plant freezes, it gets replaced by something else. There is no way that I'm going to play the "cover the plants game" several times each winter. Even as much as I appreciate the mandevilla vine flowers that cover the trellis over my double windows in my bedroom, it keeps coming back up each spring. The year it doesn't, I'll get another flowering vine to see how long it lasts in the freezes I occasionally get. I like the colors of crotons in the landscape, also, but they freeze with a sneeze. I do check the grapefruit and orange trees to see if the fruit froze, though. Then it's a race to get the fruit picked and segmented for the freezer.

For you northerners, even in north Florida, the only coat I own now is a windbreaker. For the 5 days of real cold weather, if I have go out, it's just a quick run to the car, the store, then back into the house.

I'm warm in my home, barefoot right now with my red toenails showing.

You'all have a good time in the ice and snow.

Posted by: Ms Anna on December 21, 2003 02:07 PM

"When you live in a sub-tropical climate where sweat is more common than ice, you become really entertained by icicles and frozen bushes."

Yeah, I'd like it to be a novelty to be cold, too.... but I live in the Northeast and it's fucking cold! We have a better chance of a white Christmas, though..... which is one of the small benefits.

I like the four distinct seasons we have up here. Nothing beats when in the springtime, after a particularly dreary stretch of cold and overcast skies, the sun comes out and the first flowers bloom..... well, except maybe some good mid-winter nighttime "keep-warm" activities!

enjoy the "cold" while you can.....

Posted by: Jim S on December 22, 2003 09:51 AM

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