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January 10, 2008

A song I wrote

Originally published June 6, 2003

I keep telling people who doubt me that this blog is "no brag, just fact" (and I'll award a trivia prize to anyone who can tell me where THAT quote came from) and everything I write is true. I may embellish, but I don't invent. My life NEEDS no invention to be really entertaining. I have a novel in me just waiting to come out one of these days.

Unfortunately for me, I think the abcessed tooth will get me before the inspiration to write a novel does.

Anyway, this guy [Ed. Blog no longer seems to exist.] wrote a post soliciting song lyrics. I pondered about sending him lyrics he's never heard before, because I wrote them, but I decided not to. I decided to publish them HERE!

These are the words to the Acidman theme song. It's played out of the key of "D" followed by "G" and "A", and has only one modulation to Bm on the chorus. I believe that any musician worth his salt could pick it up and run with it after just a sample.

It goes like this:

They say I started raisiní hell When I was but a child As soon as I gave up my Mamaís breast I started running wild I was the only boy in the second grade Who could honestly say that heíd been laid Cause there ainít never been no moss growing on me.

They gave me up for lost at home
When I was barely ten
So I hopped aboard a Southbound freight
And I ainít looked back again
That was how I set the stage
For a hoboís life at a tender age
And there ainít never been no moss growing on me.

I ainít got a trace of virtue, but I surely love my vice
Iíve got me a way with the ladies and a hot hand on the dice
Iím the highest form of low degree
A menace to society
But there ainít never been no moss growing on me.

Some folks say Iím a crazy man
But I donít give a damn
Iíve done my share of low-down deeds
But Iím proud of what I am
A self-made case of awful mean
The sorriest sight youíve ever seen
But there ainít never been no moss growing on me

You'll never hear that one on Top 40 radio, but it goes over well in bars.

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