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January 11, 2008

They caved

Originally published June 6, 2003

The United States Senate today voted 95-2 to make the TAX CUT a WELFARE HANDOUT by giving "government" checks to people who don't pay taxes. I am sick to my stomach.

I am a single man who makes a good living. Well, I would make a VERY good living if I weren't paying child support to my bloodless cunt of an ex-wife. I PAY TAXES ON THE MONEY I GIVE HER!!! But she gets a check from the government, too! (Maybe she doesn't. She might make over $110,000 per year now, so she'll only get SOME of the money.) The woman drives a sports car and put a swimming pool in her yard last month. She is the cat's ass now, by her own choice, and I have to pay her for divorcing me.

Now I have to pay asswipes who don't pay taxes because they have children they can't support. Bejus! I just thought that the divorce court judge fucked me. The US government REALLY knows how to rub my nose in it.

Here's the deal. Work hard. Strive. Achieve. Spend a LOT of hours at work.

After YOU do that, we're going to TAKE your money and GIVE it to someone who "needs" it more than you do.

I am not one bit sorry if I offend anybody with what I wrtie right now. I AM NOT A GODDAM MILK COW! I was not put on this planet to work my ass off supporting someone who will not work. I did not get a college degree so that I could work my ass off to support the ignorant. I do not draw a paycheck intending to GIVE IT to someone who didn't earn it.

I give half of what I earn... understand that concept...EARN... to the government already, and I AM THE ONE who gets up at 4:30 every morning and I AM THE ONE who carries a cell phone everywhere I go so that work can contact me 24/7 and I AM THE ONE who has to work this weekend, because I have the duty.

I am also the one paying for the Senate's "generosity." Fuck every one of them and fuck the reporters who kept calling this welfare check deal a "tax credit." The LAST THING we need in this country is more than 50% of the people believing that the government will give them something for nothing.

NOBODY gives you something for nothing. And the government can't GIVE you anything it didn't take from someone else first. Politicians believe that we are dumb, like cattle, and we require their "leadership."

This shit isn't "leadership." It's leading the herd to slaughter.

And I never read ONE SINGLE NEWS ARTICLE that called this fiasco what it is. My headline? ""Senate votes for gigantic government giveaway program! Will wrestle with defict later."


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