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January 10, 2008

Political correctness

Originally published December 4, 2003

I'm going to pontificate on a few things that I believe are totally ridiculious in this world, and every one of them has to do with the insane concept of "political correctness."

1) Racial Profiling. People, just stop and think for a minute. It's a policeman's JOB to profile likely criminals. Yeah, I listened to a lot of black guys at work bitch about being pulled over by the cops for DWB ("driving while black,") and I don't blame them for being pissed off about the hassle. No innocent citizen enjoys being hassled by the police. But if black men didn't commit a FAR more disporportionate amount of crime than their white counterparts in this country, that shit wouldn't happen. Got-damn! Clean up your own act, then criticize.

2) Airport Screening.
I've been through that crap-factory a few times lately and I'll tell you what it amounts to as far as security goes: diddly-squat. The LAST thing we needed in this country was the government running that kind of operation. Let government become involved and you are guaranteed the efficiency of the Department of Motor Vehicles combined with the compassion of the Internal Revenue Service.

3) Brainless Bureaucracy. I was asked to remove my shoes the last time I attempted to board an airplane. I did, because I wasn't carrying a gun at the time, but damn if I didn't want to shoot somebody over that shit. Some fat bastard searched my carry-on bag and confiscated my moustache sissors from my shaving kit. Meanwhile, they allowed Abdul-Akeem and Apou-Jamal to walk right through the gate. When is the last time a got-dam Cracker hijacked an airplane using a pair of moustache sissors? Huh? TELL ME and I might see the sense in that shit.

4) Wimmen's Rights.
If that idea isn't a fucking joke, I don't know what is. Go to Divorce Court. You'll get a dose of wimmen's rights there that'll knock your male dick in the dirt. How did wimmen ever become a "minority" anyway, when they outnumber men on this planet?

5) The Greatest Deliberatve Body in the World. Look around the US Senate. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! If you believe that we have a bunch of really smart guys working there, you need to play cards with me. I'll take your money honestly, unlike a politician.

6) Anti-Smokers.
What the fuck happened to this country? I am deadly serious about this gripe. When did we go from "Live Free Or Die" to "You Are Offending Me And I Will Make You Stop Just Because I Can?" I've read the Constitution of the United States many times and NOWHERE IN THERE do I see a Right Not To Be Offended. In fact, most of that document was written to ensure the rights of people who ARE OFFENSIVE, at least as far as government is concerned. Freedom means putting up with some shit that you, personally, do not like.

7) Environmentalists. Bejus on a bicycle. Those Gaia-worshipping assholes make me want to puke. They are anti-civilization, anti-capitalism and determined to make us all return to life in a cave, except this time we can't have fire, because it contributes to "global warming." My aching, Cracker ass. I went outside today in a tee-shirt on DECEMBER FUCKING FOURTH. The temperature was a little bit chilly, but not so cold that I ran back inside to fetch a jacket. Is that a bad thing? I'm not shoveling six feet of snow out of my driveway today and I am delighted by that fact. Bring on the heat. I am accustomed to it.

8) Activists of any kind. I don't know about you folks, but I've a double handfull all of my life just attempting to control my own affairs. What makes some fuckwits so smart that they can't be satisfied by just keeping their own goddam lives in order? They have enough free time to tell me how to live MY LIFE, too? Fuck 'em all.

9) Animal Rights. Give me a break. Anyone who doesn't see the difference between a human being and a rat should be dragged off and shot.

10) Gun Control. I know why most people who rally for gun control laws do so. They are afraid of guns. I see nothing frightening about a gun. A gun is a very simple machine. I've shot 'em all my life and I believe that I was taught well about how to handle them. I own twelve. Not a single one has EVER jumped up on its own and shot at me. I also know that nobody will ever take all the guns away from the bad guys out there. All I ask is a level playing field. If some crack-head thug can keep his gun, then I want mine, too. He'll be less likely to fuck with me if he knows that I am armed. Besides, everywhere that strict gun control has been enforced, crime escalated immediately. Leftist, gun-grabbing idiots ignore that fact, but they ignore the truth all the time.

The truth, sometimes, is politically incorrect.

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