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March 24, 2007

I am alive

Originally published November 23, 2004

I have just a few words to place here before I go off to... be Costa Rican again.

1. Anybody who says the Caribbean coast is a shit hole either has never been there or is one hell of a lot more snobby than I am.

2. My guest blogger promised cats, and he delivered. I cannot heap profanity on his head, because he warned me ahead of time. I got what I asked for.

3. Rick and Georgia are two of my dearest friends in this world. They are like family to me. But I will NEVER go on another trip such as this with them, because right now, I want to KILL THEM BOTH!!! With a machete. In their sleep. Bejus on a fucking bicycle. If I hear Georgia bitch one more time (I counted seventeen seperate bitches during a ten minute drive last night) or if I see Rick pitch another four year old boy hissy fit over nothing, Im gonna go ballistic. I dont come to Costa Rica to be with the Battling Cramdens.

4. Spammers had fun while I was away. I had to pay for the privilege, and it took some time, but I deleted every bit of that shit they tracked all over my site. I told you assholes before: Im not gonna let you win.

5. Internet has been available where Ive been, but I just havent bothered to use it. I am on vacation.

Im alright, and having a wonderful time. Wish you were here.

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