Gut Rumbles

March 24, 2007

Cast adrift

Orignally published November 24, 2004

I parted company with my dear friends this morning. They hopped in the rental car and went off for another eight hour day of driving, cussing and bitching-- which seems to be their idea of how to enjoy Costa Rica--- and they abandoned me alone in La Fortuna. I was so distraught by the experience that I fucked around taking pictures of the volcano and eating a Tico breakfast this morning, worrying about how I was going to survive, and I missed the last bus to Jaco today by the time I finally got around to checking on one.

I was so upset by THAT experience that I made reservations on the bus for tomorrow and rented my room here for one more night. Alone. Adrift. All by myself. In Costa Rica. Auntie Em! Auntie Em! I think Im gonna die!

I made a new friend last night. Her name is Fernanda and I completely charmed her britches off by singing Karaoke in a local bar. The old Silver Throat still attracts the ladies. Shes another reason I dont mind spending another night here. I wont exactly be by myself.

I do have one problem. After all the rain along the Caribbean beaches, my clothes are beginning to smell like sweaty feet. I intend to wash them once I get to Jaco, but for now, Im going to buy some after-shave and mask my musk that way. Then, Ill smell like sweaty feet drenched in Old Spice. That works for me.

Anyway, Im just checking in. Yall keep playing.

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