Gut Rumbles

November 24, 2004

cast adrift

I parted company with my dear friends this morning. They hopped in the rental car and went off for another eight hour day of driving, cussing and bitching-- which seems to be their idea of how to enjoy Costa Rica--- and they abandoned me alone in La Fortuna. I was so distraught by the experience that I fucked around taking pictures of the volcano and eating a Tico breakfast this morning, worrying about how I was going to survive, and I missed the last bus to Jaco today by the time I finally got around to checking on one.

I was so upset by THAT experience that I made reservations on the bus for tomorrow and rented my room here for one more night. Alone. Adrift. All by myself. In Costa Rica. Auntie Em! Auntie Em! I think Im gonna die!

I made a new friend last night. Her name is Fernanda and I completely charmed her britches off by singing Karaoke in a local bar. The old Silver Throat still attracts the ladies. Shes another reason I dont mind spending another night here. I wont exactly be by myself.

I do have one problem. After all the rain along the Caribbean beaches, my clothes are beginning to smell like sweaty feet. I intend to wash them once I get to Jaco, but for now, Im going to buy some after-shave and mask my musk that way. Then, Ill smell like sweaty feet drenched in Old Spice. That works for me.

Anyway, Im just checking in. Yall keep playing.


Rob...You're having way too much fun! Sip one down for me, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Posted by: Vulgorilla on November 24, 2004 12:19 PM

Hey Rob,
Glad to hear you are alive and well...

We have some surprises for you when you return...


Posted by: Christina on November 24, 2004 01:42 PM

Somehow, I think it will be difficult to surprise Rob. teehee.

Keep on keeping on, Rob. Sounds like a blast, even "abandoned" in La Fortuna. And you could always drop a little shampoo in the bathtub (if you have one) and wash those clothes a la Lucy Ricardo by walking on them in the water. Been there, done that. Just make sure you rinse them really well, or you'll be galded in places you didn't know you could.

Posted by: Mamamontezz on November 24, 2004 03:23 PM

Okay....fess up. Whatdya do to piss off Rick & Georgia?

Glad you're having fun. Be safe.

Posted by: Key on November 24, 2004 03:54 PM

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