Gut Rumbles

September 02, 2005

i have one question

After this happened to george, did you stand over him and make pig-noises, once you knew that he wasn't going to die?

We always did that at football practice or at work when somebody had his cods whacked really good. It's pretty funny, as long as it's not YOU holding your cods and rolling on the ground.

Yeah. That pain will put you into a fetal position. It feels even better when people are standing around oinking at you and laughing.

Of course, that NEVER happened to me. I just made that shit up.


I couldn't have made pig noises had my life depended on it, hell I was doing good to breathe after laughing at so damned hard.

After we knew he wasn't dying of course.

Posted by: phin on September 2, 2005 05:58 PM

Every shop has a "George."

I was working in a fabrication shop where we were drilling and reaming some semi-precision holes in large (20" wide X 40" tall X 45' long )Steel I-beams going to Germany. We had to locate, drill and ream 250 35mm (1.409") holes in the 2" thick flange of those I-beams. "George" and I were reaming the holes with a 1" air powered drill. It took two of us to control the power of that thing and keep the reamer square in it's guide.

I had to go pee, so instead of waiting, "George" decided he could do it alone. I was about 50 feet away when I heard the air motor power up and looked around to see "George" astraddle of it spinning at about 45 rpms. He wound up 15 or so feet of 3/4" air hose around his legs as he was screaming incoherently. The entire shop floor was transfixed as "George" ground to a halt, wobbled a few times, then slowly toppled over wrapped in the air hose when the reamer broke. He crashed four feet to the floor and was knocked unconscious. We called the ambulance, cut the hose off him and they carted him off to the ER. "George" broke both legs and one arm.

The boss fired him the instant he was legally able to.

Yup, every shop has a "George."

Posted by: Gerry N. on September 2, 2005 07:23 PM
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