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August 28, 2005

the "gunsmoke" marathon

I've been watching it, off and on, for two days now. Get ready for a trivia test. Matt Dillon has killed 68 people so far, but I had to sleep some, so I probably missed a few others.

Miss Kitty killed one herself, with that little lady's gun that she kept in her purse.

I also saw an episode today where some mountain man tried to molest her, was turned down, and he threw her in a horse trough outside the General Store on Front Street. Kitty came out of the water pissed off as she could be, grabbed an iron rod from a basket in front of the store and beat the shit out of the mountain man with it, until Matt pulled her off.

It's NOT a good idea to piss off Miss Kitty. She meant to kill that man.

One sad thing, though. James Arness is still alive and he was interviewed about all the time he spent making "Gunsmoke." He said those were shining times.

But he looks like an old man now, weathered, wrinkled and feeble. Hell--- he's in his 80s today. Got-dam Father Time. He catches up to everybody eventually.

I'm just about out of boiled peanuts now, but I'm going to watch until this show stops. It reminds me of my childhood, when I still believed that good guys win and bad guys lose. Justice always prevails.

I don't believe that anymore, but I still like "Gunsmoke."


Biography channel reran its James Arness bio. You know he was a WW II war hero. Almost lost his leg and that leg became shorter than the other. Guy was a surfer and pilot and skier. Brother Peter Graves really admired him
Funny, Chester walked around with that limp when it was Matt Dillon who had the limp

Posted by: Don Surber on August 28, 2005 05:45 PM

How many times did Matt get shot during the series. Somewhere in the back of my head is twelve different times but I don't know.

Posted by: GUYK on August 28, 2005 07:17 PM

Ever really listen to the opening gun fight scene at the beginning of the original Gunsmoke series. If I'm not mistaking it sounds like the bad guy actually fires first!

Posted by: Captain Harley on August 28, 2005 10:07 PM

GuyK-- Matt got shot a lot more than 12 times. He should look like a collander with his clothes off.

Harley-- the bad guy ALWAYS shot first at the beginning. He missed. Matt didn't.

Posted by: Acidman on August 28, 2005 11:28 PM

I didn't realize for the longest time that Arness is Peter Graves' brother. Those are two fine looking men, although I tend to go for the rougher of the two. Graves is to "handsome." I likes my guys rugged!

That was my mother's all time favorite show. My favorite episode was one that aired this weekend where Matt is saved by someone he's bringing in, a young kid, who later gets drunk and is accused of killing someone. He gets a "hanging judge" -- literally; a narrow minded man who won't listen to reason, not even when Marshall Dillon gets up and speaks on his behalf.

Then when Matt is again taking this prisoner to meet his demise at the end of a rope, he gives him every opportunity in the world to escape. But the kid doesn't take the bait. He bucks up and goes on ahead and is hanged, as Matt walks, sadly, off into the distance.

It was one of the few times I can distinctly remember that there was definitely NOT a happy ending here.

Posted by: Joni on August 30, 2005 12:07 AM

When I was a kid, my siblings and I loved a scene when Festus was keeping watch over a "bad guy" in the jail cell. Festus told the criminal not to think about escaping or any other funny business and told him, "I've got my eyeball peeled on 'yewww'!" Ever after, us kids would use that saying many times. I would love to know which episode that was. Would love to watch it again.

Posted by: Cindi on August 30, 2005 04:49 AM

What I really want to know is did Ms. Kitty and
Matt do it ??

Posted by: Elmer on December 22, 2009 08:18 PM
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