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July 13, 2009

if you haven't, you should

Originally PUBLISHED August 8th 2005

*1) Go crabbing. Catch a bunch of 'em, take them home, cook 'em and eat 'em.

*2) Make a Low Country Boil and eat it outside on a picnic table with your friends.

*3) Learn to throw a cast net.

*4) Do some target shooting with your buddies. Argue about who is the best shot. Sit around, bitch and cuss and clean the guns when you're finished shooting.

*5) Start a blog. It just might change your life.

*6) Take a kid fishing.

*7) Plant a garden. I'm not talking about a couple of tomato plants in pots. Till some ground. Work your fingers into it. Plant some stuff and watch it grow. Fight the bugs, the pests and the weather. Then pick your bounty when it's ripe and eat it all. That's the best food you'll ever taste.

*8) Hug your mama the next chance you have.

*9) Be loyal to your friends, but understand who they really are. I once thought I had a lot of friends. But as I grew older, I realized that I had a lot of aquaintences and very few friends. There's a big difference. Learn to tell them apart.

*10) Have at least ONE DAMN GOOD DOG in your life. A good dog is one critter who loves you unconditionally, who will obey your commands and give up his life for you out of pure loyalty. Any boy who never has one is missing something important. No fucking cat will ever do what a dog will. Cats are aristocrats. Dogs are good ole boys.

That's MY humble opinion.

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