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June 12, 2009

My left foot

Originally published March 14, 2004

My left foot still isn't right. I don't mean that I want it to be a right foot, because the toes would all be turned the wrong way and I would have a lot of trouble buying shoes. I mean that my left foot did not heal properly from the fall I took last month.

Yeah, yeah... I know. I should have gone to the doctor. Too late for that now.

All of the bruising is gone, the swelling is almost gone, but the bones aren't the way they once were. My foot still hurts and the top of the arch doesn't look the way it should. I have mismatched feet now, and I never had that before.

I believe that I also fucked-up some tendons or ligaments in there, too. Something ain't right, but at least the sumbitch can still work up a good case of foot-stink when I wear sneakers. I may walk with a slight limp, but I can walk now.

I don't know whatever possessed me to get that stupid bitch, Oddball. I haven't seen her for a week now, but I have the broken foot, chewed-up pillows and piss-stains on my carpet to show for her brief appearance here. I suspect that she's back in the pound and she can stay there for all I care. The longer I was around that dog, the less hope I saw for it.

I don't need a pet anyway. I need a good lawyer.

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