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February 15, 2009

I am out of my mind

Originally published November 22, 2003

Quinton and I picked out a dog from the Effingham County animal shelter today. We're going to name HER "Oddball." She's a one year-old mixed breed dog that took up with Quinton right away, as soon as we walked into the place. She's already been spayed and she's friendly as hell.

Oddball is black, with white stockings on all four feet and a white stripe down the center of her head that runs from the back of her neck to the tip of her nose. Quinton saw that stripe and said, "I want THIS ONE, daddy. She reminds me of Harry Potter," while the dog crawled and licked all over him. I wanted a male dog, but Oddball seems to be a good choice after careful evaluation.

I can't pick up the dog until Monday. The animal shelter is right next to the County Prison and everybody in the place today wore white pants with big, blue stripes down both legs. The guy who showed me the dogs was a prisoner and he said that nobody who was in charge of "the paperwork" would be at the shelter today. I asked him to call someone, because I wanted the dog today, but he wouldn't do it.

"I might get in trouble," he said.

I looked at him, looked at those white pants with the blue stripes down both legs and said, "That's okay. I'll pick up the dog on Monday."

Quinton was disappointed, but I'll be the first person at the shelter on Monday morning to get that dog. Oddball looks like a good 'un.

We went to Wal-Mart after that to buy a kicking tee for Quinton to practice with. The sporting goods are right over there next to the gun cabinets, so I simply HAD to walk by and see what they had.

They had a single-shot, bolt-action .22 rifle for $99 and I bought that rascal. It's EXACTLY like the first .22 I ever shot and I've been promising myself for years that I would buy one some day. I did that today. I'll pick it up on Monday, too.

So, I have a new dog and another gun to fetch on Monday. If I made a bad choice on the dog, I suppose that I can shoot it with my new rifle.

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