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June 06, 2008

Goddamit! This is war!

Originally published May 1, 2003

I've received a lot of comments and a bunch of very readable emails (nothing hateful) about accents in America. I must admit that I have learned a LOT about accents in my travels across this country, and I've tuned my musicians's ear to detect them.

I am GOOD at it now.

Some accents, I find very pleasing to hear (those would be Southern, Appalachian and Texan), and others make me want to strangle somebody (those would be all forms of yankee). But we live in a diverse country full of people who talk funny. I have learned to supress my desire to choke somebody who talks yankee (and it comes in many forms).

So.... I ask YOU to tell me.

What accent do YOU have?

What accents please your ear?

What accent makes you want to CHOKE somebody?

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