Gut Rumbles

April 17, 2008

Where's your sense of humor?

Originally published May 28, 2003

My brother is a very successful litigator. He's probably a near-millionaire. The two friends from my high school days that I went camping with are a lawyer/judge and an architect. I get drunk with these people. I go camping with them. I play guitar and sing with them.

I do well at making a living, even though I'm the toilet-plunger of the bunch, but I am not ashamed of the path I took in life. I worked my way to where I am and I am happy there. I know a lotta shit about that plant . I am valuable for what I know. That's why I am on more goddam "Continuous Improvement Teams" than I can shake a stick at anymore. I know so much that I can't do my job because of team activity.

My ex-wife is Manager of Continuous Improvement. She "facilitates" every meeting I attend. I hate that shit.

Let me give you one piece of good advice. NEVER date or court anybody you work with. That shit will come back to haunt you. It damned sure did me.

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