Gut Rumbles

May 28, 2003

where's you sense of humor?

My brother is a very successful litigator. He's probably a near-millionaire. The two friends from my high school days that I went camping with are a lawyer/judge and an architect. I get drunk with these people. I go camping with them. I play guitar and sing with them.

I do well at making a living, even though I'm the toilet-plunger of the bunch, but I am not ashamed of the path I took in life. I worked my way to where I am and I am happy there. I know a lotta shit about that plant . I am valuable for what I know. That's why I am on more goddam "Continuous Improvement Teams" than I can shake a stick at anymore. I know so much that I can't do my job because of team activity.

My ex-wife is Manager of Continuous Improvement. She "facilitates" every meeting I attend. I hate that shit.

Let me give you one piece of good advice. NEVER date or court anybody you work with. That shit will come back to haunt you. It damned sure did me.


"Never get your porkin' where you earn your bread", or something like that.

Posted by: Eichra Oren on May 28, 2003 08:22 PM

Exactly, Eichra! Oldie, goldie. Even my grandson knows that one and doesn't date any chicks that work at the pizza parlor! LOL

Posted by: Indigo on May 28, 2003 08:33 PM

Work place = peyton place. *LOL
Never NEVER date anyone you work with.
Always equals bad bad bad!!!

Posted by: quark2 on May 28, 2003 08:49 PM

Sometimes it's too late when one finally learns a hard lesson; tough to live with the consequences for a long time!

Posted by: MommaBear on May 28, 2003 08:52 PM

Don't shit where you eat.

Posted by: Denny Wilson on May 28, 2003 09:04 PM

That's right. Don't get your meat where you get your bread. I once worked at a place with 2 other guys and 27 women. Within 12 months I'd fucked my self up good. Who knew women talked? To your wife, I mean? Damned ingrates. I RAN from that job.

Posted by: Velociman on May 28, 2003 09:25 PM

Ain't that the truth brotha! I made the same mistake of dating, falling in love with, and then breaking up with someone I worked with. Thank God he relocated to another location out of state. Neva again.

Posted by: Lori on May 28, 2003 09:47 PM

Now you know why I've never married, nor had kids. Life sucks sometimes, but I've gotten used to it.

Posted by: Marcl on May 28, 2003 10:46 PM

"Manager of Continuous Improvement" Oh, good God.

Posted by: Bill Dennis on May 28, 2003 11:16 PM

Always heard it as "Don't fish off the company pier"...

Posted by: Guy Montag on May 29, 2003 08:18 AM

Denny got it exactly right.

What I'd like to know, Rob, is how the BC could be a "Manager of Continuous Improvement" when all she did was give up on you? Couldn't you be "managed" or "improved"?

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip on May 29, 2003 12:08 PM

never drill for oil in your own backyard. very messy.

Posted by: daschuch on May 29, 2003 02:44 PM

I heard it as Don't dip your Quill in the Company Ink!

Posted by: Dax Montana on May 29, 2003 04:32 PM

Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

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Posted by: dzwonki polifoniczne nokia on April 15, 2004 08:49 AM

Do give books - religious or otherwise - for Christmas. They're never fattening, seldom sinful, and permanently personal.

Posted by: Randall Suzanna on May 3, 2004 04:11 AM

Cultivated people foster what is good in others, not what is bad. Petty people do the opposite.

Posted by: Denis JudeLaure on May 20, 2004 08:27 AM
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