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April 16, 2008

Holey mackrel!

Originally published May 27, 2003

I've had Sugarplum Kate on my blogroll for a long time, and I really don't know why. She is so sickeningly sweet and motherly and wifely that she really pisses me off sometimes.
[SK's blog no longer exists, so I turned her link into a link to an article about the case.- Ed.]

But she's got a mean streak in her, and I've stirred it up a few times. Ususally she just cusses me to show that she can and then leaves a little smiley face at the end of her email. I must have never pissed her off really bad, no matter how hard I've tried.

But she was genuinely pissed when she wrote this:

Patti - I cannot even believe you expect to find any sympathy for Matthew (or his moronic friends) here. What he participated in is unexcusable. What a pathetic and cowardly thing to do - picking on and killing defenseless animals. Animals that were removed from abusive situations and brought to the Popcorn Park Zoo so they could be safe. I am sorry that you know him on a personal level. How embarrassing for you. Ask yourself this: Did he stop and think, at any time, what he was doing was wrong? Did he stop his friends? Did you even read the charges against them? They brutally attacked those birds, beating them with a rake, shovel and a PVC pipe. Most of the birds were BEATEN to death. Two birds had to be euthanized for God's sake. I learned not to hit people and animals when I was 3 or 4 years old. He is a grown man and he must pay for his crimes. Not only is he accused of killing these birds at the zoo, he also has charges against him for: setting fire to a wood shed and golf cart spray painting swastikas on a paint ball business shattering windows at a Roman Catholic church AND the killing of a domestic goose at Wells Mills Park in Waretown. This is more than 2 wrongs, don't you think? I don't see when, at any time. he was being polite, kind or amazing. Maybe you could explain it to me. I wouldn't want to know him. As far as you calling me a hippocrite (which, by the way, is spelled HYPOCRITE**), I never suggested he or his friends should be killed. If you knew Christine, you would understand what she meant.

I am not going to explain myself any further. This is my blog. My space. MY opinions. Period. Don't like what I am saying? Well, move the fuck along and don't look back.

I like to shoot, and I'll kill a rabbit or a fuzzy-tailed tree-rat in a minute, especially if they are grazing in my garden the way they did last year. I like to shoot quail and dove on a bird-hunt. I don't care for deer hunting.

I see nothing wrong with killing whatever animal you have a reason to kill when it is a pest on your property or game for your table. (Goblins of the two-legged variety should take that advice seriously. I won't eat them, but I'll damned sure feed some worms.) I've simply never experienced any pleasure in killing animals just to be killing them.

I certainly wouldn't do it inside a cage using a stick on a helpless animal. People who do that crap are the next sicko Dahmers of the world. I think the law should throw the book at the pervert AND anyone who aided and abetted him on his sadistic adventures.

I am not a PETA member. I am not a real animal-lover. I hate cats.

But I hate deliberate cruelty to an animal even more. People who do what this guy did have a screw loose somewhere. They don't always stop with helpless birds, either. They often graduate to children when murdering feathered friends doesn't give them the thrill they're looking for anymore.

Lock that sadistic bastard up and throw away the key.

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