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April 15, 2008

Something is fubar

Originally published August 12, 2003

I don't know if Earthlink is a victim of that stupid new virus, but it kicks me off and shuts down my computer every time I try to log on. I am reduced to using the emergency back-up AOL connection to post.

I don't like this crap.

At first, I thought the trouble came from that spectacular electrical storm yesterday (and by the way, Buster-- kiss my Cracker ass, you unappreciative buttwipe. If you can't enjoy a good storm, there's something wrong with you.), but when the damn computer started doing the same thing when I got home from work today, I thought that maybe I had the virus.

I tried the AOL connection and everything seems to work fine. I've been on-line for 30 minutes now and haven't been kicked off and shut down yet. I HATE AOL, but it's better than that "THIS PROGRAM IS SHUTTING DOWN BECAUSE OF NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM VIOLATION. REMOTE PROCEDURE CALL HAS BEEN UNEXPECTEDLY TERMINATED" I keep getting on Earthlink.

But I am temporarily (I hope it's only temporary) cut off from my email. That fact chaps my ass too, because I actually caught up with it on Sunday.

Oh, well. If it doesn't heal itself, I'll call Earthlink tomorrow.

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