Gut Rumbles

April 15, 2008


Originally published August 11, 2003

I just watched the damnedest thunderstorm that I think Iíve ever seen. It was spectacular, with tons of rain, lightning shooting across the sky and thunder right behind every strike. The GROUND shook. It knocked out the electricity for a while and it killed the phone lines, too. It lasted about an hour and then blew over. I watched it all from a lawn chair in my garage. Bejus! That was some kinda storm.

The electricity is back on, the cable is still out and the phone still doesnít work. No phone, no dial-up internet connection, and no blogging. I wrote this entry on Microsoft Word. I'll cut and paste it later, if my phone ever starts working again.

What the hell. I could use a night off anyway.

That was one impressive storm.

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