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April 10, 2008

Now, I'm pissed off

Originally published May 21, 2003

No wonder England is in such dire straits that they teach visitors to become "proper" victims for criminals today. Listen to this absolute shit:

Rob, what would you do if your state was invaded by another country, if hundreds of people were terrorised and massacred by the invading army and if those who didn't flee were forced to live as second-class citizens. What would you do if the rest of the United States decided to ignore the problem, if UN resolutions condemning the occupation were ignored and the invaders began building settlements on land left behind by your friends as the fled in fear of their lives? What would you do if others, unknown to you, carried out suicide bomb attacks on the invaders, who retaliated with missile strikes and helicopter gunship attacks, and bulldozed peoples' homes?

What would you do if your son was shot in the head by a soldier, for throwing stones at a tank?

After you buried your son, would you just go home and so nothing?

Listen, asswipe! THAT HAPPENED IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA IN 1864! Sherman burned Atlanta and marched all the way to Savannah, destroying everything in his path. Yes, we Southerners are the only part of the United States EVER occupied by an invading army and it happened during the Civil War. We had a "peace" rammed down our throats by Carpetbaggers and asshole yankees. We suffered for 100 years from that crap.

But we NEVER resorted to suicide bombers and kids throwing rocks at tanks. In the end, we beat the yankees at their own game. It took a while, and a lot of people suffered in the passing, but the South is IMPORTANT today. We are becoming more and more the Gold Belt of America.

I don't know what you are talking about. MY son will never throw rocks at a tank. He's a smart boy.

He'll use a RPG or a bazooka.

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