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April 04, 2008

Nanny laws

Originally published May 16, 2003

I received a lot of comments on this post. I agree with some and disagree with others.

Every one I disagree with says something about "It costs us all when people don't..."

That is the bullshit line that led to the rise of the smoke Nazis, it is the bullshit line being used now by the Oreo-Nazis and it's been lurking in the wings of the anti-gun Nazis for years. Convention wisdom seems to be, "It's costs society money for people to behave in a way that I would not behave myself; therefore, I am fully justified in passing a law forbidding that kind of behavior, because I am helping society, NOT being a petty little sanctimonious Nazi."

(And Godwin's Law be dammned on this topic. Those fuckwits ARE Nazis. They just picked somebody other than Jews to go after this time. I think they call them "stupid people" now.)

If that were TRULY the case, the same people would be wailing at the top of their lungs about third-generation welfare mothers with ten illegitimate children each teaching THEM to be ticks on the belly of society, too. THAT sort of "stupid" behavior damn sure costs society MILLIONS OF DOLLARS every year, but the nannies who wail about smoking and seat belts are the same ones who oppose welfare reform.

That "cost to society" is the cloaking device they use to justify wanting to run every aspect of other people's lives simply because THEY KNOW BEST. If you examine the issue closely, you'll see that there really isn't a dime's worth of difference between them and an Islamic fundamentalist. They are doing the will of Allah society, for the good of a society that isn't smart enough to have a will of its own.

I wear a seat belt every time I get behind the wheel. If you ride in my truck, YOUR ASS will wear a seat belt, too, or else you don't ride. I survived a T-Bone crash in the passenger seat of a Chrystler LeBaron in 1983, and that physics lesson stuck with me all the way to now. Put your head through a windshield at 60 MPH and seat belts start to make a lot of sense.

But I still oppose Georgia's mandatory seat belt law. I KNOW that seatbelts save lives. I believe that anyone who DOES NOT wear a seat belt is an idiot.

But I also believe in the right to take a risk. If you want to be an idiot, go ahead and take your chances. You live (allegedly) in a free country. Besides, when you pass a law banning idiotic behavior, idiots still violate it. What the hell have you really accomplished.

We have the mandatory helmet law for motorcycle riders in Georgia, too. I'm with Mr. Lion. If I rode a motorcycle, I would wear a full-face helmet. My head may be hard, but it damn sure isn't as hard as a paved road or a car bumper. I like my head, as full of spiders and snakes as it may be, and I want to protect it.

But the Harley riders around here wear those little beanies that are a legitimate helmet the way a fig leaf is a legitimate tuxedo. That pissant "helmet" ABIDES by the law while making a joke of it. Yeah, we need more of that shit to keep society safe from itself.

I have airbags in my truck. I keep the passenger side turned off (yes, I have a special key for that purpose) because Quinton rides there and that air-bag is much more of a deadly menace to HIM than a nanny-protecter device. But my "smart" government mandated that it be there to protect "stupid" people like me.

Bejus! You know what's really wrong with this country? People like Dawn Olsen can swallow these kinds of laws by the bucketfull and never realize that they taste like pure shit.

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