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March 31, 2008

Work shit

Originally published April 30, 2003

I was insulted, along with every other salaried employee in the plant today, by the pinheads in Corporate. That's okay, because I am accustomed to that sort of behavior from Corporate weenies. It must be nice to live on Olympus instead of in the mud and the blood where I subsist. Having those Corporate bolts thrown at you is GREAT for morale, too. Bust your ass and get your ass busted.

Yeah. I love you, too.

The Union contract expires tomorrow and we have no Agreement. I may become a live-in operator next week if the communistic, mao-maoing idiots decide to strike. The truth is, just running a production job for a while would be a relief. I don't care if it IS twelve-on, twelve-off, around the clock for as long as it takes. Doing the TWO JOBS to which I am assigned, where I replace TWO operators, is a piece of fucking cake compared to what I do every day.

I have to watch only TWO JOBS? Throw me into that briar patch.

If those fools strike, it will be the worst mistake a Union ever made. I'll help run that plant without it ever missing a lick.

Corporate can piss on us again after we're finished.

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