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March 30, 2008

Racist rant

Originally published August 1, 2003

I watched Jacksonville's Channel 4 while I was on Jekyll Island. They've had a "rash" of murders down there over the past four days. Every one was committed by young black males against other young black males. Such is life in "The Ghetto" and it's all the White Man's Fault, yada, yada, yada.

Where the fuck is Jesse Jackson when this kind of pure shit is happening every day, all over the country? Why isn't HE down there telling the "brothers" to STOP KILLING EACH OTHER? Why do white people makes excuses for the fucking savages among us?

I don't give a rat's ass what color you are. But I UNDERSTAND MANNERS. I was sitting around the pool yesterday and I saw two "brothers" come walking up, with their hats turned sideways and attitude dripping from every pore of their skin. They wore UNDERWEAR beneath their bathing suits so that they could wear the trunks about mid-crotch with half of their underweared asses hanging out the back. WTF is that all about?

I wanted to bitch-slap both of them. I wanted to tell them both that they looked like Fido's Ass and they should go read a book instead of acting nigger. You keep that shit up bro' and YOU'LL be the next one I see on Channel 4 being hauled off in a body bag by the EMTs. You assholes are bound and determined to out-nigger the world, aren't you?

I've got news for you: That plan won't work. Pulling that shit is why 95% of the murders in Savannah this year are just like the ones I saw on Channel 4 and that's why 12% of the population in this country occupies over 50% of the prison cells we have. Look around and do something totally politically incorrect: PROFILE SOMEBODY!

Look at a black thug, dressed like a thug, acting like a thug. Then, CALL HIM a black thug. They are not accustomed to that. That's racist, and you're not supposed to call a spade a spade anymore. Gag me with that crap. You are the way you act. If you're a fucking thug, you're a fucking thug.

Some black punks are FUCKING THUGS and there is no goddam excuse for that kind of rude, unmannerly behavior. It's disgusting and you wouldn't put up with it from white boys.

But when blacks do it, you pretend it's not out there or ignore it because calling a black thug a black thug is "racist." We are programmed to do exactly that today. Well, most people are. That shit didn't take on me.

I've been in charge of two young boys for the past four days. They behaved like gentlemen eveywhere they went because I MADE THEM DO THAT. They weren't going to show their asses while I was in charge. And if they had put on bathing suits with underwear underneath and tried to walk out of the room with their trunks almost to their knees and a goddam hat turned sideways, I would have strangled them both.

I've got a bulletin for a lot of black parents: Letting your kids run around like that is NOT the gateway to success in this country. You're not doing them any favors.

You're setting them up for the Channel 4 news.

And Jesse Jackson won't give a lovely shit when they end up there, either.

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