Gut Rumbles

March 15, 2008


Originally published April 22, 2003

I receive somewhere between 800 and 1200 visitors per day. (You can check the Site Meter-- I don't password-protect MINE the way SOME anal-retentive people do.) The numbers go up during the week, then down on the weekends, but I seem to be mired in a rut right where I am. Not much has changed during the past month or so.

I think that I need to try something different on this blog. Here's my plan:

* I am going to STOP USING FOUL LANGUAGE when I write. My mama doesn't like it, and I may put some people off with my salty vocabulary. So, I'm stopping that shit any profanity from disgracing this page ever again.

* I am going to broaden my horizons and try to become more... OPEN MINDED. Leftists MAY have a point if I stop to consider it. Michael Moore MIGHT be a really perceptive individual instead of the fat, self-aggrandizing cock-sucking bastard pumper of absolute bullshit lies that I see him to be. I need to stop and think about things before I react from my gut.

* I'm not going to drink when I write anymore. I will never again put a thief in my mouth to steal my brain. Never, ever again. I want GUT RUMBLES to be a serious, sober forum of intellectual give-and-take. I can't run that kind of site when I'm shitfaced drinking.

* I'm going to add some lefty bloggers to the roll and read them every day. I may shoot one or two of the fuckers learn something. I mean, Eric Alterman and Molly Ivans can't be completely full of shit wrong ALL THE TIME, can they?

I'm going to try that. I want to boost my traffic.

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