Gut Rumbles

March 03, 2008

Gut Rumbles

Originally published July 13, 2003

Goddamit! This guy just made me hungry. [Blog no longer seems to exist. -Ed.] I loaded my small grill with charchol and mesquite and I'm about to grill some Kingfish steaks.

That's not barbecue, but it's outdoor cooking on a grill and I like to do that. A King Mackeral is a fish that is a lot of fun to catch, but too "fishy" for a lot of people to like to eat. People who tell me they don't like Kings just never tasted them cooked right. The ONLY way to eat kingfish is grilled, and if I really want to impress you, I'll make pasta with Alfredo sauce and asparagus in butter sauce to go with it. Yeah, you'll slap my ass and call me "Fanny" after you taste THAT! Hell, you'll call me "God!" (As in, God! that was good! God! I can't believe I ate that much! God! I gotta have that recipe!)

I'm not out to impress anybody today, so I'll probably just open a can of mixed vegetables and cook boil-in-bag rice to accompany my meal. This is, however, one of those times when I wish I had someone around to enjoy my prowess on the grill. The King steaks are fresh and they deserve a good audience as they perform the act they they were intended for on this planet.

They are the main course on a big plate of food.

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