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February 17, 2008

Rough justice?

Originally published July 2, 2003

How about NO JUSTICE WHATSOEVER? I believe that I have mentioned before that people in Canada have frozen brains. Read this and tell me I'm wrong.
[Ed. Article no longer exists and I can't find a cached version.]

Saini and friend Ranjit Singh Bassi were sleeping at the convenience store on Sunday night when a pair of thieves pulled up in a van stolen from Montreal.

One broke in through the front door using a crowbar and wheeled in two large garbage containers to haul cigarettes to the truck.

Saini and Bassi, who were in the storage room, surprised the thieves. One, armed with a knife, was scared away by Bassi.

Saini said the other thief took a swipe at him with the crowbar. Saini, armed with an aluminum baseball bat, swung back.

The 45-year-old suspect suffered head, neck and leg injuries, but was well enough to be arraigned Monday on multiple charges including breaking and entering, parole violation, receiving stolen goods and possession of burglary tools.

What did the police do when they finally arrived at the scene of the crime? They arrested the STORE OWNER, of course, and charged him with "assault with a weapon and aggravated assault."

My aching balls. If MY store were robbed three times in a month and I was forced to SLEEP in it to defend my property, you can bet your sweet ass that I would be "aggravated" the next time someone broke in. And you can also bet your sweet ass that I would "assault" the thieves.

But I live in the Southern United States, not Canada. I would have a firearm, not a baseball bat, and the thief might have "head, neck and leg" injuries afterward, but his injuries would be far too fatal for him to appear in court. And I don't believe that his partner would have gotten away, either.

And I would NOT have been charged with anything except good citizenship.

That's what I like about the South. And that's one of the MANY things I don't like about Canada.

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