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September 11, 2007

Here's another terror-inducing racist asshat

Originally published September 11, 2002

I found this sickening piece of racist drivel thanks to Sugarmama who linked to an appalling article in Salon.
[Ed. Neither link works anymore...]
Here are the words of an oppressed minority female, still shackled by the chains of slavery in this otherwise free country:

I watched from my window, not on television, as the twin towers fell. As shocked as I was, I felt that this was not my problem as a black person. The people who worked at the World Trade Center were mostly white men, and so they had nothing to do with me as a black woman.

Tha's right, 'ho. You got nothin' in common wid DA MAN! He be keepin' you DOWN! Forget any black people, or FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS who died there. They were not worth caring about to a pitiless shit-wit such as your pompous self. (You also have a giant black bug up your ass that crawled all the way to your brain and ATE IT, if there was anything there to begin with, you blithering idiot.) And you wonder how nutballs such as Cynthia McKinney get elected to high office?

When there was an outpouring of grief and donations from every corner of the United States, I said to myself, If those planes had flown into a housing project and the victims were poor blacks and Latinos, people in Missouri wouldn't give a damn. When I heard that there had been over $1 billion in private donations, I asked myself where was this money before? Why hadn't it been donated to help the homeless, children who do not have access to an education, people who do not have access to healthcare? Here we have people rushing to write checks to people whose families will be taken care of by insurance or their employers.

What outpoured from you? Racist venom and envy, you pathetic, unfeeling creature. Where's MY MONEY? is your reaction to an attack on THE COUNTRY YOU LIVE IN! God, woman! 3,OOO dead people make no impression on you at all, not when your "blackness" is more important. I've got a clue for you, sweetness. The "blackness" is in your cruel heart and your twisted mind. Now I know why that fucktard in North Carloina sued over hearing the word "niggardly." There's a LOT of you crazy, resentful, chip-carrying assholes out there. Hint: Go to Zimbabwe. You'll LOVE it there, among all your fellow black folk. You can starve to death with them in a totally non-racial genocide.

To me, 9/11 was just another example of the American paradigm of deservedness and white entitlement. We are not all Americans; the white investment banker, the white fireman, the white police officer, the white EMT, they are Americans.

Ah, yes, that American paradigm of white entitlement, where affirmative action, racial quotas and Jesse Jackson shakedown operations exist only in the minds of paranoid Klansmen, who ride on horseback through your neighborhood ever night, lynching darkies from every lamp post along the way. Happens all the time... in your feverish dreams.

I cannot express how sick this woman is. The sad part is, she's not alone.

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