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June 16, 2007

No, Goddamn it! I don't!!

Originally published December 27, 2004

I love my witty commenters. When I mentioned that I bitched a lot when I started blogging, Amy fired off this reply:

Um...don't you STILL bitch about everything? Particularly about women bitching about everything?

NO, goddamit!!! I don't bitch about EVERYTHING, just MOST things. Besides, I believe that my bitching has mellowed a great deal over the past three years. I don't tell nearly as many people to go fuck themselves anymore. And I haven't picked a piss-fight flame-war with another blogger in a long time. The post in question was actually a Public Service Announcement, wherein I was attempting to atone for some of my past sins.

But do I get credit for my newfound sensitivity? Hell, no! I get a smart-assed comment that reminded me of something the old ME would have written. I just hate it when I .... evolve... and nobody notices. See? I TOLD you that wimmen bitch about EVERYTHING!!! But not ME. Oh, no, goddamit. Not me.

Not anymore.

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