Gut Rumbles

May 16, 2007

Something else I've learned

Originally published August 10, 2005

Wimmen who talk about being horny all the time aren't really good in bed. That's a fact. Oh, they'll spread their legs and fuck, but it's not good pussy. They just do it because... who the hell knows why.

Have you ever been to an oyster roast and found ONE oyster among the bushel on the table that wasn't wide-open and ready to eat? ONE oyster that took some prying with a good knife to get into? Wasn't THAT ONE the sweetest you tasted that night?

Wimmen are the same way.

The ones you have to pry open are the sweetest. Those that lay there gapped are just like any other oyster. Can't tell one from another.

THAT'S why I don't remember how many wimmen I've had sex with.

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