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April 23, 2007

Gilligan's island

Originally published September 13, 2004

I read this blogger profile and evil thoughts entered my head. I ALWAYS thought Mary Ann was sexier than Ginger and probably a LOT better in bed once you got her riled up. Ginger just made me think of fake orgasms, while Mary Ann made me imagine screaming, back-clawing, sweaty sex in the jungle.

Many of those wholesome-looking wimmen will surprise you in private.

I once watched that show and pondered such things. Why wasn't anybody getting laid on that island? Gilligan was an asexual character, so I could understand his behavior, but the Skipper was an old sailor. He HAD to want some pussy every once in a while. If nothing else, Skipper should have sneaked off a few nights and nailed Thurston Howell's wife. Lovey wasn't over the hill yet.

And the Professor? He should have been doing threesomes with Ginger AND Mary Ann at the same time. Sex is a wonderful way to alleviate both boredom and stress--- besides WHAT ELSE are you going to do when stranded on a tropical island with a couple of babes like that? You just GOTTA start noticing some coconuts that don't grow on trees.

I'm sorry. That's the way I think.

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