Gut Rumbles

March 28, 2007

Stick a fork in me

Originally published March 26, 2002

Okay, I am done for the night. This is the second time I have typed this, by the way, because BLOGGER ate the first try. I thought it ate the post below, but I got lucky for a change.

I just returned home from a wonderful week in Key West, where I learned that naked Europeans call themselves "naturalists," naked yankees call themselves "nudists," and people from my part of the country call lying around a swimming pool with no clothes on "gettin' nekkid." I believe I assumed all three identities while I was there. My only regret about the whole vacation, other than the remnants of the henna tattoo that still makes my left bicep appear to be the victim of a branding iron, is the fact that I fell asleep early the night a couple performed an erotic show in the hot tub. All my neighbors said that if they did it again, we should line the balcony and hold up score cards, just like Olympic judges. I agreed, and decided to go French and offer the woman the opportunity to bribe me, but the couple checked out the next morning. I was disappointed.

I went back to work today and walked into THE JOB FROM HELL. I arrived at 0615 this morning and left at 1915 this evening. You do the math. I am tired and dirty and I wish I was back in Key West. I have a TV dinner in the microwave. No more conch and prime rib for me. Just a quick meal, a quick shower and straight to bed, nekkid of course. And back to work in the morning.

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