Gut Rumbles

March 28, 2007


Originally published March 25, 2002

SHE ALREADY HAS THE WHINE! Thanks to Alice In TV Land I found this heartbreaking tale of a young woman who worked hard, gained a degree in English Literature from Yale and went forth into the world to suffer angst and self-pity when a dream job did not fall immediately into her lap. The poor darling!

As an English major myself, I realize that analytical reading skills and the ability to write well are wonderful assets to apply to almost any job. But few businesses beat the bushes in a frantic effort to find English majors when they have a vacancy on the payroll. Most prefer someone with a marketable degree-- such as an engineer, a CPA or a lawyer-- or someone with experience at work similar to what they offer. No one gains such experience by stomping her little foot and pouting. She has my best wishes, but not my sympathy.

I also offer this piece of advice: no job is beneath your dignity while you work your way up the ladder. But it's easier to climb if you take your butt off your shoulders first.

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