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February 10, 2007

Theme song

Originally published October 23, 2003

Everybody needs a theme song. I've got a new one that's been playing over and over in my mind for the past few days. It's called "I'm All Right," and I love the chorus.

I hate it when people post the words to a song on a blog. Without the music, that crap usually leaves me cold. But I'm going to try to set this one up.

Imagine a slow-picked banjo and a trilling mandolin behind a couple of acoustic guitars and an electric bass. A tamborine makes most of the percussion. The song goes slow and easy. Kim Richey sings the lead, but she has (at least) three other people singing with her. The harmonists keep their mouths shut for the rest of the song, but when they hit chorus, they do the "I'm All Right" part ahead of her while Kim sings all around them. Bejus! I am going to play this song with my friends the next chance I get.

(Harmony here, long and drawn-out) I'm all right, (then, Kim by herself) been shot but I'm still standing
(Harmony) I'm all right, (then Kim) a little banged-up from the fall.
(Harmony) I'm all right, (Kim) a little shaky from the landing,
(Then EVERYBODY TOGETHER) But I'm all right, after all.

That's a beautiful song.

You really need to hear that song to appreciate it. You don't want to live it, but it really makes sense if you have.

I did. That song is about surviving. I LOVE that song.

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