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January 31, 2007

Speaking of bald-headed black wimmen (whom he'd thanked for a link in the previous post)

Originally published September 2, 2003

Go read this post. I didn't follow all the links that led miss Baldilocks to reply, but I understand what she means.

Do I "love" my fellow man? SHIT NO, I DON'T!! I not only believe that I live among some serious shit-asses, but I've seen them PROVE that fact to me. Bejus! Do I like all wimmen? Hell, no. I've met some nasty pisscutters in my time. Do I hate all blacks? Hell, no. But I've met some nasty pisscutters in my time.

Anybody who paints with a broad brush and says that ALL PEOPLE of a particular race, sex, religion or nationality should be hated and despised is an idiot. That kind of thinking is what motivates Islamic splodey-dopes and the Ku Klux Klan.

But to SHUT MY MOUTH and not voice an opinion about some of the things I see wrong in society today because I fear repercussions from the PC police makes the PC police just as bad as Islamo-Nazis and the Klan. I see a lot of crap I don't like and I refuse to excuse it.

Black wimmen are, by and large, the worst goddam drivers on the highway. The only other blockhead who comes close to competing with them is an 85 year-old white man.

A whopping 37% of black males [Ed. Link to supporting news article borked] end up spending time in prison. That's not "society's" fault. The blame lies squarely on the people who choose not to study in school, never learn decent manners and decide that as "victims," they have the RIGHT to steal, rape and rob, then blame their fuck-ups on someone else.

Some Jews are good with money. Do you know why? It's nothing genetic. Jewish parents generally encourage, push and prod their children to learn all they can and achieve all they can. That kind of parenting works.

Some Southerners are toothless, bigoted rednecks. I know a bunch of them. They are losers and use a lot of the same blame-someone-else philosophy young blacks do to excuse their self-destructive behavior. Isn't that interesting? You have two different groups of people failing in life. They hate each other. The black ones blame the white man for "keeping him down." The white ones blame the blacks for "taking all the good jobs because of Affirmative Action."

Not an individual in either group has the balls to look in the mirror and say, "You know, a lot of my problems could be my own damn fault. Maybe I shoulda stayed in school past ninth grade."

I love some of my fellow men. I totally adore a few wimmen. I really respect a few black individuals. I know some good ole boys that make me proud to be a Southerner, where we grow people such as they are.

But I do all of that decision-making on a case by case basis. I love, adore and respect those people because of WHO THEY ARE, not what race, sex or religion they belong to, and I don't do it because the government tells me that I should. I do it because they deserve it. They earned the feelings I give to them.

That's the way it ought to be.


Good one. Especially agree with people needing to look in the mirror and admitting "a lot of my problems could be my own damn fault."

Posted by: NoMas on February 1, 2007 01:37 AM

Some people will never, ever even try that idea.
Not when there's always "I had a bad childhood" excuses at the ready, or ANYbody else around to blame their misfortune on and even someone to SUE.

Ya can't sue anybody if you admit complicity in your own "unfortunate circumstances".

My absolute favorite people are the ones who pretend to recognize the trainwreck that they are and, instead of really doing anything differently, or maybe trying to REALLY change, they find it easier and somehow more satisfying to simply continue to whine about their lives and give only lip service to the idea of actually CHANGING.

Drive me right up a wall, they do.

Of course, the false friends and ass-kissers these kind of people surround themselves with only reinforce the bad/self-destructive behavior of the (alleged) "victim".

I see this aspect of this shit every damned DAY.

I can only conclude that these "friends" actually enjoy watching "damaged" people continue to flounder and wouldn't want them to actually get better because then, the "friends" would have to face their own reality, which would be that the "sick" person who got better is now "better" than they are, or ever will be and they can't have that.

Tis truly a fucked up and never ending cycle...

Posted by: Stevie on February 1, 2007 05:50 AM
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