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January 23, 2007

I love blogs

Originally published November 9, 2004

I've felt really good today. Inhaling all that gunsmoke yesterday did did a complete makeover on my psyche. My depression is gone. I've had a hearty appetite. I feel ALIVE and SHARP and HONED.

That feeling won't last, but while it's here, I want to share some snippets of wisdom that I harvested from other blogs today.

"What can I say? I had a sordid childhood." via the "sworded one".

"...they better keep their waxy hands off my butt." via the got-dam mouth of the south. [Ed. Link borked. It was Suburban Blight.]

"Slack. Ass." via this philosopher.

"Ted Rall would be proud." via evil white guy.

"Yes, I'm feeling rather chilled and exposed at the moment." AHEM! I won't speak of the picture that flashed in my perverted mind when I read that here, but stiff nipples were involved.

"It has occurred to me that while I may be an utterly useless human being devoid of all redeeming qualities, there is one thing I do well. No, I don't mean finding choice bits of rare midget porn. Although I AM really good at that. I mean cooking." via this guy. [Ed. Link borked. It was Hog on Ice.]

"For instance, today I was thinking about why the sky is blue, how come frogs croak and where the darkness goes when you enter a room and turn on the light." You'll always find such wisdom here.

"Funny how CBS says that there is no journalism in the Blogosphere. That's exactly what the blogs are saying about CBS." via mad ogre. [Ed. Link goes to front page.]

"But I guess this is how aging, has-been fairies behave. I can call him that because I'm gay and we're allowed to eat our own..." from alphecca.

"If I could get me some Ingrid chili served in a bowl made from her upturned and hollowed out skull I might be tempted to take out a second mortgage on the house." via gramagus. [Ed. Link borked. It was Frizzensparks.]

I like the way bloggers think.


Damn, I sure miss that ole bastard.

Posted by: WarWagon on January 23, 2007 06:48 PM
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