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January 01, 2007

Last night (five years ago)

Originally published January 1, 2002

I woke up in my own bed this morning. That wasn't the game plan, but neither my date nor myself became overly intoxicated last night, despite the delicious oysters (which she doesn't eat), the exquisite fried turkey (which she doesn't eat, either) and the assorted fireworks that exploded in unison from several different directions around midnight. Stuffed baked potatos, taco salads, cheeses and crackers (which she DOES eat) were readily available, but I believe she drank enough diet cola that she had no room for the food. I pigged out.

We were sitting in front of the largest of the five different campfires burning in the yard when the sky lit up with rockets and voodoo balls bright enough to obscure the full moon that had smiled down on the evening from the time we arrived. Young'uns set off firecrackers and sparklers, couples kissed, and I almost needed a cable and chain to retrieve my friend, Willie, when his large self overdosed on Scotch liquor and began reeling around dangerously close to the fire. My son knows the "stop, drop and roll!" drill for when you catch on fire, and Willie had everything but the "stop!" down pat last night. His wife took him home shortly after the fireworks display and I pity his head today. I believe he has a bucket of Bloody Marys prepared as a palliative measure for those who overindulged last night, but he may drink it all if he doesn't upchuck in the bucket first. All in all, we welcomed in the new year in fine fashion.

Now, I'm cooking Hoppin' John and turnip greens, which are supposed to bring good luck if you eat them today. My house smells like dirty sweat pants, nasty armpits and stinky feet, which is the aroma that black-eyed peas produce when you cook them with a large ham hock thrown in for seasoning and a pot of greens simmering beside them on the stove. Maybe that smell brings the good luck by driving all the evil spirits out of your life. I don't know, but I feel good, my house smells like an underfunded homeless shelter, and the sky is crystal blue. I love it when that happens.

It's cold outside for south Georgia, but the sky is so clear and blue that it hurts my eyes to look at it.


thanks for your continuing work on this project. I wonder how many hits the site gets these days.

Posted by: pensat on January 2, 2007 09:15 AM

Total 3,202,531
Average Per Day 884
Average Visit Length 1:47
Last Hour 58
Today 554
This Week 6,186

Rob's site meter is open to all.
He was always very adamant about that.
Did NOT like "locked" site meters...

feel free to take a stroll through it.
The "referrals" section is the most informative.

Posted by: Stevie on January 2, 2007 04:26 PM


Cat made the same thing for supper on January 1st of this year.

I have Cracker envy, methinks.

Posted by: Erica on January 2, 2007 10:08 PM


I need to clear this up, this time...

Rob wasn't my Dad.
Rob is Sam's Dad and Quinton's Dad.
(My Dad is Norman... and no, not that lady blogger whose kid calls her Norman. Different Norman. *grin*)

Rob was my Blogfather, in that it was him who got me started blogging, but, as much as I wish I had been related to this awesome guy, I'm just a friend of his.
A friend who loves him so very much....

I found Rob about four years ago and was hooked from the first post of his that I read.
Over the years, the more I read, the more I came to admire and just love Rob.
Ate a lot of shit for it, too, from some of his more idiotic and pathetic trolls, I might add...


It... no, HE was worth it and then some.

And, I'd asked him once on the phone what he wanted done with this place should anything inconceivable ever happen to him.
Did he want Gut Rumbles taken down or to go on forever?

"I want Gut Rumbles to stay up as long as possible" was his answer, soooo...

Here we are.

Paul (Light and Dark) has been doing maintenance on GR for Rob for years, taking care of spam, making sure he didn't run out of room to write (which Rob's stupid hosting company shoulda been doing) and just taking care of all the behind-the-scenes crap for Rob that he didn't understand how to do.

Paul has always had free rein around here since the first day Rob gave him the keys to the place.

And, he did such a great job of it for Rob that when Rob left us, Paul just kept doing it, per Rob's wishes.
In fact, real soon here, both of us (Rob and I) are going to be moved from our current hosting companies and hosted by Paul himself.

Meanwhile, GR was just sitting here, stagnating.

A coupla people put up a post now and again, but, for the most part, GR was just... sitting.

After a while, that started to really bug me, so I asked Sam, Rob's daughter (and a chick I'd LOVE to have as a sister, by the way... she is so cool), if I could take over the posting part and she said yes, so, here I am.

(Feel like I oughta be going, "Ta da..." and flipping my hands out in front of me.)

Anyway... I'm not the only "blogchild" Rob had.
Not by a looooong shot.

But, he's not really my "real" Dad...
Just a man I love a lot who I saw/see as part Dad, part friend and the rest awsome.

And, if I can, in any way (like I do with Nam Vets), keep his memory alive and keep people from forgetting him, I'll do it til I'm dead myself.

I owe him that much.
And so, SO much more...

(And meanwhile, thank you for thinking he WAS my Dad. I take that as the coolest compliment I've ever gotten. *big-assed grin*)

Posted by: Stevie on January 3, 2007 11:17 AM
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