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June 06, 2006

excuse me!

Dayum! We've got some really blue-nosed tomato-nannies in this world today. Yesterday, I posted a picture of some 'maters that I picked from my garden, and I had the unmitigated gall to write that I intended to put them in the refrigerator to give them a nice chill before I ate them.

I might as well have said that I was gonna barbecue a neighbor's pet cat, too. Read the comments on that post and TRUST ME about the haughty, up-yours emails I received over that post. The bottom line is: I need to be dragged off and shot for even thinking about putting my tomatoes in the refrigerator. That's some kind of terrible, blasphemous thing to do to a tomato.

Well, folks, it's too late now. I never intended to KEEP the tomatoes in the refrigerator. I just wanted them chilled before I ATE THEM--- which I did last night--- with just a little salt on them. They were delicious, too. MUCH better than they would have tasted at room temperature.

If I offended you by chilling my tomatoes--- MINE, not YOURS!!!--- before I ate them, or if I rubbed your back-fur the wrong way by saying that I was gonna do it, well, I ain't apologizing to ya. Treat YOUR tomatoes any way you want to. Just don't hector me about how I should treat mine.

Good grief! People... why can't we all just get along?

If you ever wonder where anti-smoking Nazis, fat police and drug warriors come from, just tell folks that you're gonna put some home-grown, fresh tomatoes in your refrigerator. You'll find out. Do-gooders come swarming out of the dark to club you with aluminium baseball bats and string your intestines like ribbons from nearby trees.

Just for your own good, of course.


Well just like you shouldnt put ketchup on filet mignon, you should never ever ever put a tomato in the refrigerator....(we're just sayin')

Posted by: Ruth on June 6, 2006 02:05 PM

Not that I'd ever eat one of those snot-n-seed filled things, buuuut... how are ya supposed to get 'em cold, then?

Posted by: Stevie on June 6, 2006 02:15 PM

Food Nazis should keep their opinions to theirselves :-P

Whats wrong with ketchup on filet? Storing tomatoes in a fridge is a no-no because it halts the ripening process and very cold temps can cause the tomato to break down, but Rob wasn't storing, he was chilling to eat, which is the only way to get the tomato under 90 degrees in savannah in june.


Posted by: Buddy on June 6, 2006 02:17 PM

Your damn tomatoes do what ever you want with them. Friggin food nazi's.

Posted by: james old guy on June 6, 2006 02:40 PM

I agree with Stevie...'maters are nasty, but they are yours to do with as you please!!! By the "sounds" of it, you enjoyed them just as you intended.

Posted by: the other Steph on June 6, 2006 04:48 PM

Not that I have a guilty conscience or anything, but just in case you thought I was being food-snobbish, I was just commenting on the ripening process.

I love a big Beefsteak, chilled, sliced thick w/ salt and just a dash of pepper.

Glad to see you got that new-fangled picture taking gadget figgerd out...

Posted by: MoMinuteMan on June 6, 2006 08:38 PM

Damn, Rob. Don't think I've ever been called blue-nosed before, much less a blue-nosed tomato-nanny. I used to go round and round about the relative merits of cold tomatoes vs. room temp tomatoes with the proprietor of the local tavern/restaurant in my town. We finally had to agree to disagree. Actually I think I'm just jealous. There won't be any ripe home grown tomatoes in my neck of the woods til the middle of July. So you enjoy your tomatoes any way you like. No matter how you eat them, they'll be far superior to anything that can be purchased in any grocery store.

Posted by: Glenn on June 6, 2006 08:45 PM
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