Gut Rumbles

May 13, 2006

i became semi-aroused

Sometimes, I receive some really GOOD emails. Take THIS ONE, for example, using bullet-examples, in reply to my post about nipples:

Mine are as big around as a number 4 buck shot (1/4 inch diameter). Depending on how cold it is, they protrude about a quarter inch. The areola is large, about the size of a half dollar coin, and cafe au lait colored. I have a freckle on the right one. ;-) When it gets cold, the areolas pebble and contract to about half the usual size.

Oh and I LOVE having the nips pinched and pulled. Purrrrrrrrrrrrr

More than ten words, but you got an answer.

Can you believe that shameless hussy? I think I'm in luvvvv... but she COULD be lyin' to me. I feel a powerful need to conduct some hands-on research...


AND she knows the size of #4 buckshot.

It could be a sign!

Posted by: Wes Jackson on May 13, 2006 06:55 PM
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