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April 19, 2006


I've been offered a HUGE shitpot full of money to help a Nigerian get his (sometimes it's a her) money out of the country. It's MILLIONS of dollars and I get a big cut of it if I get in on the scheme. I know that these cries for help are legitimate, because this guy is writing a book about them, and he's a VERY serious fellow.

I'll never collect those millions that are waiting for me, because I'm just too lazy to send off my bank account information, my ATM PIN number and some upfront cash from my end, all of which are required to... um... grease the orifice to make the deal slide through. Supplying all of that information is just too much like work to suit me.

But here's a good idea that I might try myself. With THIS method, all I have to do is fire off some spam, then sit on my ass and whine while YOU send me money. I like the sound of that. It's labor unintensive and the rewards could be great.

Besides, it's easier for you to send money to ME than it is for you to deal with some lying, crooked, scheming Nigerian who lives halfway around the world from you. Postage costs alone favor me. And I PROMISE that for every $2 I receive, I'll send $1 back to YOU as a rebate for your generosity. That way, YOU can get rich, too.

Trust me. It's a win-win scenario. Send me some money today.


Heres a cow girl thatn lend you a hand.


Posted by: TC on April 20, 2006 12:26 AM

I'm not sending cash US dollars to a satchel-assed son-of-a-bitch that never bothered to post Central American tit photos.
Eat catfood, you red-dirt bandwidth scrooge! Eat NIGERIAN catfood!

Posted by: robert on April 20, 2006 08:37 AM

I only send money to Nigerians who claim to be deeply religious. Can't trust the rest.

Posted by: Tessa on April 20, 2006 10:06 AM

Check out They have an ongoing account of the website owner and his battle of wits with Nigerians. Complete with pictures of the maggots!

Posted by: dc on April 20, 2006 10:22 AM


Posted by: Steve H. on April 20, 2006 11:22 AM

And if you believe that, I have a bridge in a large East Coast city for sale; cash only, small unmarked bills, please...

Posted by: BobG on April 20, 2006 11:25 AM
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