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April 14, 2006

the plot thickens

I hope that the MSM keeps a close eye on this case. I think it's a perfect example of what happens when a lying woman cries "RAPE!" and a politically-correct DA smells a chance to posture. If you're an innocent young man caught in the subsequent frenzy, well... that's just tough shit for you.

Yeah, yeah, I know... the fact that the woman was passed-out drunk doesn't mean that she wasn't raped. But I did notice that the first calls from police mention nothing about the woman being beaten. Does THIS sound like a cop looking at a woman who has been brutally raped?

"She's breathing and appears to be fine. She's not in distress. She's just passed out drunk."

But the guys on the Duke lacrosse team are in a heap 'o trouble. They're being run over by the government steamroller.

That's always been the biggest fear in my adult life: to have the Powers That Be come after ME with all their might over something I didn't do. If that ever happens to you, it's welcome to Tiannamin Square, American style. You can't win in that situation.

I want to watch this case to its conclusion. And then I want someone to tell me how justice was done.


It's now a true case of a PC DA trying to ride the bodies of several young men to reelection. I don't know who's guilty and who isn't, but I know i've saw way too much of the so called public servant on national TV hypind his own cause. Don't even know his politics but I do know that the people in that area should send him packing. Ain't no justice at election time.

Posted by: scraprion on April 14, 2006 11:22 AM

The fun part is going to start when all the parents of the lacross players get together and sue the bejesus out of the school and everybody else involved in this scharade.
What nobody in the DA's office (appparently) has realized yet is that some of those player's parents probably have a lot of money...

Posted by: emdfl on April 14, 2006 07:46 PM
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